Body Hair Removal

Improe your Body beauty

It used to be that hair removal was strictly a female thing. Unless you were a bodybuilder, cyclist, swimmer, or male exotic dancer, chances are your body hair remained untouched. Not so anymore.

Benefits of Body Hair Removal

1. Smoother Skin: When we run a razor over our skin, we’re essentially just trimming the hairs that are there. This means that they come through your epidermis (upper level of skin cells) within a day or so, to become visible again. Waxing and sugaring hair removal services, on the other hand, pluck the hair out by its roots, leaving behind smoother skin that lasts longer.

2. Saves Time: Not only does waxing and/or sugaring keep you from having to spend time shaving every couple of days, it also means that you are worry-free about unwanted hair growth for a couple of weeks! Can you imagine smooth, sexy skin for weeks on end? We can – we make it happen on a daily basis.

3. More Effective: This is especially true if you are blessed (or cursed?) with blond hair on your head, legs, and everywhere in between. You’re apt to miss a hair here or there when shaving, but that doesn’t happen nearly as often with waxing or sugaring. And let’s think about the unwanted hair on those nether-areas, for a moment: You don’t want a razor blade anywhere near there, do you? No hairs missed means hairless bliss!

4. Fewer Broken/Ingrown Hairs: As we mentioned in number-1, shaving is just trimming your hairs, which means it’s cutting the hair off at the top. These broken hairs can cause painful – and gross – ingrown hairs as they grow back. On the other hand, since waxing and sugaring is pulling hairs out by their roots, it’s a less risky form of hair removal.

5. Less Hair Growth: Did you know that consistent waxing or sugaring can actually reduce the amount of hair in unwelcome areas? It’s true! If you make waxing or sugaring a habit for your hair removal, you’ll find that you have fewer unwanted hairs over time. Sadly, it won’t disappear completely (but wouldn’t that be nice?).

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